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How to book your school field trip

1. Call or email for available dates - Calls are fast but emails enable a record of our conversation, great for checking details.

2. Book as early as possible. We fill the busy field trip months of March - May very quickly but even if your a late planner we will can usually work your group into the calender.

3. Cost for most typical public school field trips is as follows:

$5.75 per student 

All other groups are $7 per person. To qualify for a group rate you must exceed 25 guests.

Parents are given a discounted admission of $8 if they are with a field trip group. 

If you are not a public school group but  have an exceptionally large group please call to discuss  pricing 


4. If your school is not using field trips please consider one of our popular assembly shows for your campus. They are a cost effective way to bring wildlife/science education into your school.

The largest group of crocodiles in Texas
Get close to one of natures great predators!

An interactive Houston field trip!
See the Nile crocodile


Watch the crocodiles fly!

Crocodile Encounter field trips are great!

Face to face with Africa's top predator
A great Houston area field trip

Get as close as you ever want to be to a real croc
The largest crocodile show in Texas

Enjoy the giant tortoise herd
Crocodile Encounter Houston area field trip.

Live reptile educational shows

See the stage show that started it all!
Crocodile Encounter's famous assembly show at the park

We're not just crocs - turtles a plenty
See the turtles of the world

Teachers please click below for lesson templates as they pertain to your field trip experience:

Kindergarden Field alignment

3rd grade Field trip alignment

5th grade field trip alignment


Get a sneak peak of some of Crocodile Encounter's animals on Great Day Houston by clicking here!

Your school comes to the Big Crocs!
A visit to Crocodile Encounter is a teacher's dream field trip. Easy, fun, informative and 100% guaranteed to hold your groups interest. Load up your students and bring them to see the crocs of Crocodile Encounter. Crocodile Encounter is the Houston areas best school field trip experience!

The best field trip period. Cost effective, fun, educational. Do not confuse Crocodile Encounter with a typical alligator farm. Crocodile Encounter is the only teaching zoo in the state of Texas. Crocodile Encounter's field trip experience is designed to be fully interactive and informative for your students while maintaining childrens safety. Fully guided tours will take your field trip group through a variety of animal habitats and allows each student to experience these animals up close and personal.



 Make your school field trip fun and educational with Crocodile Encounter. Our facility is designed by educators with Houston area school field trips in mind. Spend your morning with us feeding tortoises, watching croc shows, and taking in the snake/lizard show then move into our pavilion for the trip ending 'CHOMP:The Science of Survival' show. Afterwards you can eat lunch right in the show pavilion.The combination of the guided tour and the climatic stage show is an unbelievably great value and a real chance for educators to give students an experience they may otherwise not get in their life.



Watching a giant crocodile feed and then seeing native alligators in their habitat is a resonating day for students of all age groups. The word is spreading about this idea with Houston area teachers routinely saying 'best field trip ever' and Houston's hidden gem.Call for information on scheduling your trip today. Our facility grows every year and most groups come year after year. It is never the same experience twice. For fast field trip answers to common questions please check our FAQ.

'Thank you so much for making the Varnett Public School First Grade end of the year field trip a great success!  We really enjoyed the trip and I will be recommending your place to all my teacher friends.  Thanks again!'

**Kelli McKey**
The Varnett Public School

Thank you so much for the awesome field trip!! Our parents and students had a wonderful time. We will definitely be using you again in the future. I had several parents and teachers tell me that it was the best field trip they had ever been to. Your staff was very knowledgeable and great with the kids! After having a couple bad experiences with field trips in the past it was refreshing to finally have a successful one! J

Thank you so much!!

**Angie Jacobs**

Sienna Crossing elementary


What you get with a Crocodile Encounter field trip

Our field trips are comprehensive educational shows that last around 2 hours. We divide your group into multiple guided sections and then we rotate between the following:

Giant tortoise feeding

Snake/lizard interactive show

Alligator show and feeding

Nile crocodile show and feeding

Siamese crocodile feeding and viewing area

Mammal area with capybara, zebu, potbellied pigs and the world's largest antelope the eland.

And then we bring your entire group together for the popular Crocodile Encounter stage show!

The most amazing school field trip you will ever take is to Crocodile Encounter!

Full bathroom and lunch facilities are available for your group. We also have a small gift shop for your students to take home that all so important crocodile memorabilia.

Perfectly safe guided tours give your students a real feel of what it is like to work with large reptilian predators every day. See what the crocs eat, their burrows, how they bask and swim, watch them jump and be trained by command. Feed the tortoise herd and take as many pictures as your camera can hold. Touch and feel snakes and lizards from around the world. Enjoy fun and educational presentations from Crocodile Encounter's experienced group of presenters and top it all of by feeding the eland herd for the grand finale!

Each visit to Crocodile Encounter is presented in a series of segments. This allows us to accomadate even large groups of several hundred visitors. As one group is touring the crocodile segment of the facility another group is with the turtles/tortoises, snakes/lizards, the alligators, or the mammal section of Crocodile Encounter. The facility is designed to allow for an easy flow of one segment into the next to create a seemless educational experience for our visitors. There is nothing like Crocodile Encounter in the Houston area or all of Texas. Built by educators with educational groups as the primary focus. From the layout to the narration Crocodile Encounter is an educational experience with real BITE!

The very popular giant tortoise yard

Have a field trip and get a real Crocodile Encounter!   We are the only crocodilian facility in Texas offering interactive live animal shows onsite at a facility designed for maximum interaction. You and your students follow the boardwalk as it weaves in and out of actual Nile crocodile enclosures. You'll be as close as you ever want to be and all in complete safety. In some places the crocodile may actually be under your feet!

Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the the Texas coastal plains Crocodile Encounter offers a one of a kind, hands on, interactive adventure behind the scenes of a professional wildlife facility. As you walk the boardwalk you may experience a crocodile or alligator bellow or see one of the massive reptiles wander to a basking site. From your boardwalk vantage point you will be able to see a crocodile feeding demonstration so close you may feel the mist of a splash or the wind from their jaws closing. Your students are immersed in the animals habitats, doing everything from feeding, touching and being photographed with the worlds most storied reptilian predator.  

We're not just crocodiles and alligators either. Experience our giant tortoise enclosure and admire and feed these gentle land giants. Enjoy a snake and lizard show or pet a baby crocodile! Feed an eland the worlds largest antelope. Crocodile Encounter is about experiencing wildlife not viewing it through an aquarium window.Crocodile Encounter is a great place for a school field trip. Have your school field trip with the animals of Crocodile Encounter.